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Volunteer Stories

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Michael500x346Just call him Surrey’s super volunteer.

Michael is a fixture with the Lookout Society Surrey, working almost daily for the last two years.

Much of the work he does is connected to the health services, such as the Djaef Mahler Grocery -- a specialized food bank that provides high protein food items for people who are compromised immune systems– primarily HIV and Hep C.

When the food bank isn’t open, you’ll find him helping where there’s a need,” says Sat Basran, Manager of Health Programs.

“He’s a real gem and we’re lucky to have him involved,” says Sat. “Michael is very dedicated.”

There`s no question where Michael`s motivation comes from. 

In January, 2007 he was diagnosed with a sarcoma cancer, linked to his HIV infection. His doctors estimated he had just months to live.

Several rounds of chemotherapy followed and the cancer became less aggressive. Michael began eating higher protein foods, like those offered through the Djaef Mahler Grocery.

It obviously made a difference because in 2012 he was pronounced cancer free.

“I felt I was really fortunate to have fought and defeated that cancer,” says Michael. “Now I’m free of cancer so why stand still?

“I can help people and give them advice because of what I’ve been through.”

Volunteers are essential to the services and programs the Lookout Society offers. If you`re interested in volunteering, contact Janice at or apply directly on our volunteer signup webpage.