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Vancouver homeless count numbers dip slightly

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homeless countJuly 7 – Vancouver’s 2015 Homeless count recorded 57 fewer people living on the streets and in shelters compared to the previous year.

A total of 1,746 people were counted on March 24 in this year’s count – 1,258 living in shelters and 488 reported living on the streets.

The newest count received a lukewarm response from Vancouver City Council, who expected to find far fewer people homeless. In the last year the city, province and partners added 615 more housing units, which included 35 winter shelter beds and the temporary loss of 68 units because of renovations. Of the 615 additional units, 458 went to individuals considered homeless and the remainder to single room occupancy (SRO) hotel tenants.

Some of the key findings from the 2015 count:

• 74% male, 24% female and 1% transgender

• Adults in the 45 to 54 age group make up the largest age group, followed by 35 to 44 (21%), 25 to 34 (19%), 55 to 64 (14%) and 19 to 24 (12%)

• 32% of those who responded identified themselves as aboriginal

• Less than 5% of respondents said they were from outside of Vancouver.