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Student video portrays isolation faced by homeless

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Argyle-studentsApril 3 – A trio of Argyle secondary school students earned the Lookout Society a sizeable grant with their successful school project.

Aysa Emami, Daanica DeWolfe and Annie Bae not only submitted the best assignment in the school but they were also awarded a $5,000 Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) grant for Lookout.

The important component of the assignment is a five-minute video on homelessness, which can be found on the Lookout Society’s YouTube channel. The video production brings to light the feelings of isolation and exclusion felt by those who are homeless.

“We chose the Lookout Society because homelessness is all around us, especially in a thriving city such as Vancouver, where it is already hard to get by,” says Aysa. “The number of homeless people continues to grow. To think that there are people who do not have nearly as much as we do, moved us greatly.”

The trio are proud of the video, which they wrote, shot and edited.

“We were able to successfully capture everything we had envisioned,” says Aysa.

“At first we wanted to create a simple clip, capturing the life of a homeless person. But as we were brainstorming ideas for our video, we thought to ourselves, how can we get people's attention? How can we place people in the shoes of a homeless person,” she explains.

“As the saying goes, you don't know what a person’s been through unless you've been in their shoes. We knew that words were just simply not enough, and that's why we decided to create this type of video -- attempting to create something as relatable and imaginable as possible.”

YPI grants more than $1 million to community-based social service charities each year, 100% decided by thousands of high school students in school-based philanthropy projects. 

YPI currently works with secondary schools in Canada, Scotland, New York City and Northern Ireland.

The student video is posted on the Lookout Society's YouTube channel.