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Help needed to get DTES performance on to the stage

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theatre clipartJuly 21 – Help us tell the story of our people coming out of homelessness.

Based on their stories, our clients will be a part of writing and acting in a theatre production that will be performed during Homelessness Action Week (put on by City of Vancouver) and the Heart of the City Festival in October.

We need to raise money to make this production possible. Funds will go towards honorariums for performers, props and costumes.

The project is an opportunity for local residents to explore, learn, create and transform through the art of theatre. Participants will collaborate to create an original live performance piece, that will be performed at Vancouver Moving Theatre's Heart of the City Festival.

It presents a counter narrative to the dominant portrayal of the DTES as a neighbourhood divided by income, culture and class. It will bring to light a fuller picture of the DTES as a place of strong community in which people learn from and support each other.

The production is a partnership between Creativa International, which collaborated with the Lookout Society on the North Shore Shelter mural, Vancouver Moving Theatre and other organizations.

You can find out more information on the theatre project’s fundraising site.